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Breath analysis device uVida

Breath analysis device uVida

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Our goal is it, to give your body a voice.

Helping people to understand their condition and their body, as a fundament to achive their goals

Individualize nutrition and exercise

Metabolic and performance analysis for everyone


Food Analysis:

Metabolic examination for a personal nutrition and training strategy

5-minute test procedure (sitting/lying)

Basal metabolic rate + power metabolic rate + macronutrient distribution

Automated real-time evaluation

uVida app fully supports you and your customers in the field of nutrition


Premium feature Food:

Tracking your meals + activities

Customized recipes

Flexible and dynamic adaptation in the field of nutrition

Direct contact with our uVida experts via an integrated chat function


Activity Analysis

With the Activity Analysis to the personal training pulse ranges

20-minute test on the treadmill or cycle ergometer

Time saving due to very low preparation and follow-up time

Automated real-time evaluation of parameters for all training areas

Your individual anaerobic threshold

The individual anaerobic threshold is the performance andpulse range in which the body changes from an oxygen-saturated situation to an oxygen deficiency phase. Sports scientists distinguish between aerobic and anaerobic training.For them and also for us, the individual anaerobic threshold is acrucial parameter for developing a solid training plan.By the way: This threshold is also called the transition from fat metabolism to carbohydrate metabolism. Each of us reaches the IAAS at an individual point in time of our physical performance. If you really want to train efficiently, you should know your personal pulse range at this threshold.

Your maximum oxygen consumption

The maximum oxygen consumption is a value that describes the actual maximum oxygen up take during maximum physicals train. In general, the higher the oxygen intake, the better the physical condition. The VO2 max represents the efficiency of theoxygen-absorbing, oxygen-transporting and oxygen-using subsystems of the organism: The more blood is transported by the heart per minute and flows through the circulation, the more O2 is absorbed from the breath into the blood viagas exchange and transported to the working muscles. The maximum oxygen up take capacity there fore reflects the cardio respiratory performance of a person. It is there fore an important parameter for evaluating aerobic endurance potential.


Regeneration indicates how quickly your body can recover from high stress. We measure the number of heart beats your cardio vascular system reduces within 3 minutes.

Your Fatmax value

The fat flow rate (strength of lipid metabolism) initially increases with increasing load and drops steeply untilthe individual anaerobic threshold is reached. The point of the highest percentage fat metabolism is called Fatmax. At this point your body gains energy predominantly by burning fats, because fatty acids are excellent energy suppliers. Training in the Fatmax range will effectively increase your fat metabolism capacity.

Your new miracle cure? Nutrition and exercise tailored to you and your everyday life.

Overall, the uVida analyses and the app offer a unique opportunity to improve your health and achieve your individual goals. They enable you to get to know yourself better, recognize connections between physical problems and take targeted measures. If you want to get comprehensive information and actively work on your health, the uVida analyses and the uVida app are exactly the right tools for you. 

uVida's analyses help you understand your body better. And you will find out what it takes to feel better in your own skin. Find out more about our two areas uVida Food & uVida Activity here!

Your nutrition and exercise strategy.
As individual as you are.

There is no textbook that says "life". There is no one recipe for success. Recommendations in the area of nutrition and exercise should not be standard, but should be as individual as you are. That's what you get from us: your personal uVida exercise and nutrition concept for your holistic well-being. We analyze your metabolism and develop a tailor-made exercise and nutrition program that gives the term "individual" a new meaning.