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With snow

One of the most fascinating cooling off experiences of all awaits the sophisticated sauna-goer in the snow cabin, SCHNEEPARADIES® with year-round wintery fun. This does not only enhance blood circulation but also has a positive effect on the lungs and respiratory system. What can be more refreshing after a sauna session than to enjoy a very special experience at a tingly -10 °C in the SCHNEEPARADIES®: cooling off in a winter landscape surrounded by rocks and crevasses amidst finest powder snow. This is cooling down in its most natural form.

After a session in a sweat cabin such as a sauna, a steam bath or in the SANARIUM®, you cool down in the SCHNEEPARADIES®. Upon entering the SCHNEEPARADIES®, inhale and exhale deeply in order to refresh your airways. It is a special experience to use the snow, consisting purely of air and water, to rub down your body. This also awakens the wish for a further sauna session. In a natural manner, the cooling and the rapid normalisation of the oxygen level of the lungs is restored. The length of time spent in the SCHNEEPARADIES® should be approximately two minutes. Upon leaving the cabin, take a shower followed by sitting down or walking slowly.