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Sauna moments are not only renewable for the organism -they are pleasure for all the senses: warmth, silence, timber.

Ideal situation -a sauna window, that opens the nature in all its calming beauty.

In the hustle and bustle of the cities, in densely built-up environments does however rare.

But now conjures KLAFS, the market leader in the sauna area, pool and Spa, nature experiences visually and acoustically in the sauna.

With ATMOSPHERE by KLAFS, the KLAFS sauna opens the window for nature and wildlife.

Choose between Single and Multiscreen (4pcs.) installation with a slender frame construction.

ATMOSPHERE by KLAFS create a consistent image in high resolution.


These films have their unique, almost three-dimensional effect, but still a further trick is necessary: the images are considerably slowed down.

Atmosphere films are in a special slow movement production procedure in very high image quality produced and mastered in the UHD format.

If you reduce the speed of the films to slow motion, you doesn´t lose quality.

Slow movement makes an extremely effective and relaxing deceleration effect. Waterfalls, sea SURFs or grasses in the wind, appear in total harmony and peace.

Customer benefit

  • High quality of the films (UHD respectively 4 K for screens larger than 55 inch).
  • Slow movement without jerking (Increased frame rate during recording, reduced frame rate during playback)
  • Worldwide exclusivity(regarding Atmosphere films).
  • Delivery of a complete functional package. Hardware (monitor, PC, splitter, wiring, etc.) -software -movies
  • Installation and assembly
  • Endless possibilities for individualization. Atmosphere archive comprises more than a hundred films -constant updating. New drone movies are under production.
  • Use for own footage or TV broadcasts. E.G. football match, live events. (GEMA, film and broadcasting rights, commissioning at the customer!)
  • Use for own advertising.
  • webcam -recordings, cinema sauna, etc.
  • Make you Sauna / SPA unique and not comparable with your competitor
  • Make your spa more attractive for your guests / own marketing!
  • Each film is mixed with original nature sounds. The sound is synchronized with the film scenes despite Slow Movement technology.
  • Synchronized illumination
  • The cabin light / illumination can by synchronized to the film & sound. However, this requires a DMX interface or building control system.
  • Specially developed software. Individual playlist.Easy to use and support.Detect automatically film formats.