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Both in the natural world and our modern lives, electricity is all around us. And in our bodies, too, the vegetative nervous system communicates through electrochemical impulses which control our movements, for example the tensing and relaxing of muscles. And in the eVitarium® a mild electrical current flows through the tub and thus also through the bathers’ bodies.

eVitarium- its effect on the human body


Using the eVitarium® can achieve several basic results. For instance, there is the ‘electrical’ effect which is triggered directly by the flow of ions. Another effect derives from the ‘nature of the ions’ which, when used carefully and correctly as a ‘bath additive’, can have a beneficial effect on, for example, the skin.


The RELAX setting gears our bodies towards maximum relaxation as the mild current flows from the torso to the feet. On this setting, the eVitarium has a soothing effect on your tissues, central nervous system and inhibits the production of inflammatory mediators. This means that overstressed body parts regenerate faster. The RELAX bath additive based on argan oil and soya oil is the perfect supplement to this bathing program. As well as the beauty treatment for the skin, the scents of thyme and sage also have a soothing effect on the mucous membranes.


When the current flows from your feet to your torso, this has an energising effect on your body, enabling it to gather new strength, rather like charging a battery. Our ENERGY bath oil supports this effect. The ionised sea buckthorn oil plus scented orange and mandarin extracts ‘flow’ together with the electrolytes, thus conveying the stimulating, vitalising substances deep into the skin.

Circulation enhancing: 

Both flow directions have one thing in common – they increase the blood supply to the skin up to fivefold and to the deeper muscles up to threefold. Small blood vessels and capillaries are dilated, stimulating your metabolism, improving the supply of nutrients to your skin and muscles while also eliminating waste products more rapidly. The warm bathwater further supports this process.


 All in all, the eVitarium® has a harmonising effect on many bodily functions and on the vegetative nervous system. It assists the body and its many different receptors and effectors to restore a state of equilibrium.

A tried and tested principle enchanted with some new ideas

Actually, there is nothing new about the basic idea behind the eVitarium®. The hydro-galvanic bath is a time-honoured natural healing method. Although the beneficial effects of passing an electric current through bathwater are undisputed, past methods for doing so were cumbersome and expensive. Now KLAFS has gone back to its roots to refine and develop this tried-and-tested principle. The end result is that this form of bathing now takes up no more room than a conventional bathtub and can easily be used by anybody.