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Klafs beauty and treatment zone

Klafs beauty and treatment zone

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Do you love the unusual? Then we would like to use this moment to present you an exciting form of relaxation. Rich ideas and technological and creative skill have created the SPA PEARLS and KLAFS MUD BATH. Great examples of KLAFS design expectations giving health and well-being their very own special flair.

Sanospa and sanospa duo

Once your guests have relaxed, it’s time to relax yourself and enjoy the benefits of the fully automated control unit while SANOSPA treats every bather to a unique underwater massage. SANOSPA is available in white, mother of pearl or in a version tiled with high-quality mosaic. Just as you like it.

The SANOSPA DUO allows two at a time to enjoy the pleasant effect of the unterwater massage in a tub of about 2 metres diametre with a perfectly formed design. The bath creates specially defined massage zones where jets of water softly and effectively massage the deeper body layers.

Heathed treatment sanotherm

Whether thalasso, aromatic oil bath or calk healing mud, for the bather, every process begins with applying the essences to the body. Then he is bedded down beneath the soft covering. And then the aha relaxation effect: the tub rises and your guest floats on a bed of water, warm and relaxed, to heaven.

Klafs mud bath

The mud bath provides a particularly long-lasting and atmospheric relaxation experience. KLAFS has given great thought to the development of the mud bath as well as endowing it with such stylish elements as mosaic and STARRY SKY as shown here. The seating area is slightly tilted backwards allowing mud and water to flow off easily. The seats are hand finished in non-jointed ceramic enabling ease of cleaning. Treatment includes such features as applying different colours and consistencies of mud to the relevant parts of the skin of the face, décolleté and body. Regular steam blasts keep the air nice and damp, preventing the mud applications from drying on the skin and enabling them to be rubbed in again during the bathing period extending over approximately 15 minutes. This peeling process cleans the pores, loosens deposits and harmful substances and enables the skin to regenerate. The mud bath ends with a soft, lukewarm shower which rains down on the bathers. An even better feeling than Cleopatra experienced.

Spavital and spavital stone

A single table will cover all your massage requirements in future – SPAVITAL from KLAFS. From dry to wet massage and from hot stone to reflexology massage, everything is possible. We have made the table as easy to operate as possible for you and your guests: with the height adjustment system.