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Augmented Massage Symphonic & symbiotic

Augmented Massage  Symphonic & symbiotic

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Augmented Massage creates a completely new experience between therapist and client for the 21st century and beyond. Real-time

sounds and music, are generated by the touch of the therapist’s hands as they work on the body of the client - turning the wellness

treatment into a unique and exceptional live performance. The motion-to-sound medium, groundbreaking in the world of spa and

wellness, is an unfiltered expression of the massage experience. The bed features eight channel sound system incl. a subwoofer and

BOSE speakers. The system includes an initial 12 music sequences that can be controlled on the built-in screen. There is a fully developed

scalable Deep Tissue Massage protocol, included, and bespoke protocols can be created on demand. This innovative technology

generates a unique never-before- experienced multi sensorial journey for both client and therapist.

Height of bed surface: approx. 57-89 cm / length incl. arm: 216 cm / lenght of lying surface: 206 cm

Width of the bed: 85 cm // Total height incl. arm: 187-219 cm

Lifting capacity: 250 kg // Load capacity of the table surface: 300 kg